Heavily muscled and freakishly athletic, this half-orc wields a massive axe that has a curiously sharp spear point where the pommel should be.


4th level Half-Orc, Barbarian/Fighter

Hybrid Talent Option: Fighter Combat Talent
Fighter Combat Talent Option: Tempest Technique (Hybrid)
Occupation – Hunter (+2 to Perception)

STR 20, CON 10, DEX 18, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 13

STR 17, CON 10, DEX 15, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 13

AC: 23 Fort: 20 Ref: 18 Will: 14
HP: 43 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 10

Athletics +11, Intimidate +10, Perception +9

Acrobatics +5, Arcana +1, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +2, Endurance +3, Heal +2, History +1, Insight +2, Nature +2, Religion +1, Stealth +5, Streetwise +3, Thievery +5

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Half-Orc Racial Power: Furious Assault
Fighter Attack: Combat Challenge
Barbarian Attack 1: Whirling Rend
Fighter Attack 1: Reaping Strike
Fighter Attack 1: Distracting Spate
Barbarian Attack 1: Swift Panther Rage
Barbarian Utility 2: Feral Rejuvenation
Barbarian Attack 3: Whirling Step

Two-Weapon Defense
Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Urgrosh)
Level 2: Hybrid Talent
Level 4: Master at Arms

Amulet of Protection +1 x1
Magic Urgrosh +2 x1
Magic Hide Armor +2 x1
Magic Longbow +2


Throck’s origins are similar to most of his kind; that being one of violence. Throck’s mother, Erila was captured by orcs during a raid on her village. She, along with several other women of the village were kept as breeding stock for the orcs. She was rescued several months later by an elite band of insurgents. Erila was reunited with her distraught husband Grandis but the happy moment was short lived. Erila only survived a few months after giving birth due to severe infection (mostly caused by the terrible birthing).

Erila’s last words to her husband were to “Raise him as our own, and see to it he is better than his orcish blood. Prove there is good in this world my husband.”

Grandis decided to move far away from orcish lands, settling in the north at a small mining village called Ordref under the control of the Arlain of Blackfork. Grandis did the best he could to care for the young half orc, but the bitterness and resentment he felt towards losing his wife (and his own powerlessness to protect her) was very strong. It was not long before Grandis regularly and routinely beat the small child.

Throck for the most part simply dealt with the abuse. He knew he was different, and was picked on quite mercilessly by youngsters and adults alike in town. That is until he got a little older. Half-orcs age faster than humans, and even by age 7 he was becoming an imposing specimen of a humanoid. Eventually, those who picked on him found out just how strong and athletic he was. The bullying quickly came to and end once fists started flying, but the passive-aggressive racism remained.

Some of this racism was mollified as Throck became old enough to do manual labor around the village. His father often hired him out to clean rocks from fields, chop lumber, unload and load wagon trains, and the like. Eventually the village came to grudgingly accept that the half orc was actually good for their little village.

Another curious event occurred in Throck’s life. One day, when his father was angry and attempted to beat him, Throck decided he had enough and fought back. This took Grandis by complete surprise, yet it almost seemed as if he was pleased by the result. A rather spirited fist fight broke out. These events continued to occur fairly frequently, and Grandis was almost happy to get the crap beat out of him by his kid (perhaps because Grandis felt like he deserved it for being a weak piece of crap who couldn’t defend his wife from orc raiders). It was an oddly dysfunctional form of love in which neither could really express in words their feelings. Instead it was expressed in violence.

As Throck grew older he learned to hunt, gaining excellent skills with the bow. A dwarf in town (named Belkus) had an old weapon called a Urgrosh. He could not longer use it due to arthritis in his wrists (he was still a very skilled engineer though and invaluable in helping with the mine) and he gave it to the half-orc. Never sharing in the racism the humans had for the half orc, the dwarf could actually empathize somewhat. Belkus gave Throck some rudimentary training in how to use the weapon, including showing how the axe head and spear point could be used in a fight. Throck was thankful for such a gift, and soon he was using this weapon on his hunts as well. Indeed the spear point was quite useful for taking down wild boars.

One summer, when Throck was about 10 years old, the old Arlain of Blackfork died without an heir. He was replaced by a vicious halfling named Cidum who quickly put his cronies in charge of the land. Upon his visit to Ordref he spotting the half-orc and could barely contain his disgust for such a “half-breed” and questioned why he was allowed to stay in town. Grandis confronted the halfling, and after some harsh words Cidum left, but mentioned something about “…and why hasn’t the presser taken the half breed yet? He sure looks of age to me…”

Grandis knew it was only time before Throck was taken for the army. Given they were fighting orcs far to the south, and Cidum’s open disgust for the half orc, Grandis suspected Throck would be put in the front lines where life expectancies were measure in months, not years. Grandis told Throck that it might be best for him to consider leaving town before he got pressed into the army. He gave Throck a letter and told him to head to Farmington. There he would find a family friend (that of course Throck had never heard of until now).

The following day, while Throck was away doing labor for a local, the presser, at Cidum’s orders, came and took Grandis away for army duty (mostly for mouthing off to Cidum the previous day). Grandis was barely able to get a message off to a neighbor to warn Throck of what had happened before being taken away. Throck packed up his weapons and a few supplies and hit the road before Cidum’s goons came for him.

Two days on the road, Throck ran into a patrol of Blackfork soldiers. They didn’t take kindly to the half-orc and asked what a “half breed” is doing in civilized lands. Throck, ever hot tempered, mouthed off and dared the soldiers to fight him. Of course it was then than Throck noticed he was quite outnumbered, and resistance would most likely be deadly. He was arrested on trumped up charges of “trespassing” and sent to a slave camp. Lucky for Throck, the “soldiers” were idiots and couldn’t much tell the difference between an axe for cutting wood and one for fighting wars. Deriding him with comments like “See half-breed! You already have your own axe! We’ll send you up to the lumber camps where you can be useful!” Throck was sent northward to a slave camp, with about two dozen other slaves.

After around 10 days in slavery, Throck was getting more and more pissed. He vowed that if he notched his axe blade cutting up wood he would gut the first soldier he could, consequences be damned. He was helping clear a road of some trees that had fallen during a storm with some other slaves, when fortune smiled on the young half-orc. A young dwarf (Throck learned the dwarf’s name was Kore; and he was a vicious and nasty looking dwarf) was traveling up the road and was ordered to halt by the slaver guards. They questioned him about what he was doing here, and despite the dwarf’s answers, they decided he’d make a good slave. Bad choice.

Out of the brambles and shadows stepped four more companions of the dwarf, and they were all competent warriors, whether with magic or blade. It was the perfect opportunity for Throck. With the soldiers thrown into confusion by the unexpected fight to their front, Throck wasted no time in letting out a feral warcry and charged the nearest guard. Barely able to turn to meet the attack, his feeble parry was knocked aside as Throck’s axe cleaved through armor and cut deep into the bone and flesh underneath. The slaver guard gave a gurgled death cry and fell to the ground.

It didn’t take too long for the battle to wrap up. The slavers, used to getting what they want through intimidation were simply no match for those with the skill to stand up to them. After the fight, two of the soldiers were still alive albeit briefly. The young girl Morwen (one of the companions of the dwarf) spoke privately with each soldier in turn and then quite literally exploded their heads with a blast of arcane energy. It was clear the soldiers knew the girl, and their faces were that of absolute shock and fear before she killed them.

The remaining slaves were set free (most were just locals who in some way or another ticked off a guard or solider and were arrested on dubious charges). The group that “rescued” Throck indicated they were headed north to see if they could set free some goliath slaves. Their reason for wanting to do so were not very clear to Throck; something about helping to complete the quest of a comrade that fell in battle.

Throck still wanted to head to Farmington, but knew he was just as likely to be pressed into slavery again (and the next slavers may not be so kind as to let him keep his weapon). Since there is safety in numbers (and since the group of young adventures seemed at least some-what competent in a fight) Throck joined this group of adventurers, heading north to see if they could free some goliath slaves, and perhaps run into some other adventure along the way…


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