Each week consists of seven days. Each month consists of three weeks plus God’s Day, a day of prayer and religious observance. The year consists of fifteen months, each month dedicated to a particular God or Goddess of the pantheon.

The Spring months are Safira’s, Teleanor’s, Lira’s, and Villentius’.
The Summer months are Avren’s’, Auroleas’, Ajonial’s.
The Autumn months are Ellianis’, Fineal’s, Lotan’s, and Ellirisa’s.
The Winter months are Hakren’s, followed by the the two Twins’ Months (dedicated jointly to Tabor and Kalidril), and finally Jakariel’s.

Avren’s month is most often given over to Villentius, but some lands pay extra homage to Auroleas instead as is his due.

In the colder climes, most people count their age from the number of winters they have survived. In such places, the last of Jakariel’s is often marked by a midnight feast known as Endwinter.

Further to the south, in the warmer climate, the summer can last as late as Lotan’s month and the winters are milder. In such lands age is most often measured from the month of birth, but seldom the exact day.


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