Character Creation

Available Races

Humans, elves, half-elves and halflings are the most common races in Laston. There’s at least one dwarven family in the village as well. There isn’t an eladrin culture here; the eladrin in this setting are left in place of infants stolen away by the Fae. However, the eladrin child is usually raised by the family in their child’s place.
Dragonborn and Tieflings hail from the Southern continent, a desolate place far to the South. They aren’t unheard of here, however. Goliath inhabit some of the High Valleys, as do some Wilden. Half-orcs are far from common in the High Valleys, but some have come through with caravans. Any of these races can be accommodated.

Other Races

Devas and Shardminds are practically unheard of in the High Valleys. Since they don’t reproduce and age like mortal races, they aren’t appropriate for a player character in this campaign. Similarly, Githzerai aren’t found here. Minotaur are still thought of as members of the Lesser Races, akin to the ogres and goblins. If you want to play another race, let me know and we’ll see if we can fit in it.

Racial Ability Scores

We’ll use the ability scores from Essentials, which gives you a bit more choice in where the racial ability bonus applies.

Race Ability Bonus Choose one of
Dwarf +2 Constitution +2 Strength
+2 Wisdom
Eladrin +2 Intelligence +2 Dexterity
+2 Charisma
Elf +2 Dexterity +2 Intelligence
+2 Wisdom
Halfling +2 Dexterity +2 Constitution
+2 Charisma
Human +2 to any one ability Gain a third class at-will power
Heroic Effort (encounter power) add +4 to a failed attack or save

Ability Scores

Roll your ability scores. Roll 4d6 and keep the highest three dice. Do this seven times, then assign the highest six totals to your abilities. On average, this is approximately equivalent to a 26-point buy. If you don’t like your results, use the normal 22-point uy.


All classes are acceptable.


D&D Essentials has variants on a few classes. If anyone is interested they’re welcome to play these versions. Essentials also offers new powers and feats; players are likewise free to choose these options.


Players are encouraged to take one or more backgrounds to bring their characters to life, but they are optional. If you choose backgrounds, they grant you one of the following mechanical benefits:
• Gain a +2 bonus with an affiliated skill
• Add a skill to your class skill list before choosing skills at 1st level
• Gain one language affiliated with your background

Character Creation

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