Dramatis Personae

People and places in

The Middle World
Alastrianna – An elderly eladrin. As reeve, she is tasked by Baron Greenspire with overseeing Laston’s defense. She was the kingdom’s general for many years. She came to Laston 31 years ago, after being rescued from the Baroness Elespiel. (300+)
Arlo Frinazi – Deceased. A wealthy traveler from Trelgar. He hired our heroes to show him around the area, but they later discovered he was in league with the tiefling Diawlio, who killed him to complete the ritual.
Auntie Elspeth – A wise woman who lives off by herself about a day and a half east of Laston, she is friendly with any who come to visit her, including the boggarts who have given her the appellation ‘Auntie’. She originally hails from Laston, but left many years ago, shortly after her husband’s death. (73)
Bearhand – An unusually prolific dwarven family in Laston, having four children under 19 years old. The father and two oldest brothers (18 and 16) were fighting in the war, serving as scouts in the Black Forest. Beld (12) and the sister (15) were still in Laston.
Bend – Fifth of the Rivertowns, it is located where the Gwynedd River turns sharply to the east. Population 250.
Black Forest – Sparsely populated forest south of the High Valleys.
Blackfork – A town in the Coluddyn barony. The arlain Galan Mandwyn passed away last autumn, and Cidum was appointed arlain by the Baron Coluddyn. When the heroes visited Blackfork they stayed with Selu.
Boggarts – Fey-touched goblins, seldom dangerous.
Brett Treharne – One of Kenton’s cronies (11). Killed in Knight’s Tomb. He is survived by his father, who is away at war, his mother Edith, and two younger siblings. He later returned as the revenant Bane.
Brother Simon – A young priest, he came to Laston three years ago to tend to the aging Father Togbern. Since the Father’s passing a year later, Simon has been serving as the town’s priest. He’s well-liked and has been embraced by the townsfolk, although the Mayor doesn’t seem to like him much. He has a club left foot. He’s an amateur brewer. (20)
Caden – Brother to Glia, he was killed at the Battle of Two Rivers.
Callon – The kingdom that includes the High Valleys and Laston. King Gerrard Callon (47) has been the ruler for 29 years. He became King at a young age when his father fell in battle. He has two sons, the heir Frederick (18) and a younger son, Anselem (16).
Callonskeep – The king’s fortress, located in the Meadowlands.
Calyd Cenn – The Cenn family has been a respected halfling family in Laston for generations, and Calyd is the patriarch of the family now that his father has passed from the recent waterborne sickness. Calyd is quick to organize help whenever someone in town needs it. He is an also the town’s expert at preserving meats using a variety of techniques, including brining and smoking. (47)
Celaneddog – Morwen’s home. A small town in the Coluddyn barony ruled by Cidum, it was decimated by ghouls while Cidum’s soldiers stood by. The last few townsfolk left and now live in Laston, notably Trusi and Presun.
Cidum – Deceased. Arlain of Blackfork. He had a deal with Trilleste that turned him into a werewolf. Killed by the heroes at a ruins south of the Slumbering King.
Coluddyn – Barony to the east of the Greenspire Barony. Includes Millston and Meadowbrook, and stretches northward to the Slumbering King. Ruled by Mael Coluddyn (38).
Corliss – The Mayor of Laston is appointed by the Baron, and the last six Mayors have all been from the Corliss family. Carson (43) is the current Mayor. His father Carlisle (73; deceased) and Chauncey (95; deceased) preceded him. His son Kenton (14) is the presumptive heir to the mayorship.
Coroch – Orc leader of the barbarian horde, he is believed by many orcs to be the living embodiment of the god Jukuru.
Dawn Villestre – Born and raised in Laston, Dawn left town in her youth and made a living as an adventurer for a decade. She returned to Laston 34 years ago with a half-elf husband, Michael, who passed away nine years ago. She has some modest ability to influence the weather, and has been able to keep Laston safe from thunderstorms. (62)
Diawlio – Deceased. A tiefling who sought to find and raise the Gweddill, a demon that had been imprisoned at Knight’s Tomb. He was killed and the demon destroyed.
Farmington – First of the Rivertowns, and surrounded by ample farmland, it’s the largest city in the kingdom. It is ruled by King Gerrard. Population 5000.
Father Togbern – Deceased. The beloved village priest until he died three years ago, the Father was accepting of many people’s continued reverence of primal spirits. He passed away after an illness that kept him bedridden the entire last year of his life.
Four Kings –The name of the mountain range that includes Laston, and the collective name for the four largest mountains in that range. The Sun King, just east of Laston, is the furthest southwest. The Slumbering King is the furthest southeast.
Gage Alban – One of Kenton’s cronies (12). Killed in Knight’s Tomb, but returned to life by the Lady Gwawr. His left eye is a solid black orb, like that of the shadar-kai.
Fohke Gravemaker – Leader of a profitable dwarven mercenary clan from the Iron Hills, where Kore hails from.
Goran Claysmith – Dwarven merchant dealing primarily in pottery. Arrived in Laston with the Spring, he leaves often on business. He hasn’t been seen in some time.
Greenspire – The barony that includes Laston, Pinecrest, Bend, and the Baron’s home of Stoneroad. Spencer Greenspire (46) is the current Baron. The heir is Stafford (24).
Gwyddwen – A briar hag, she served as Mother in the coven that included Trilleste and Haiarn.
Gwynedd River – A large river that flows from the High Valleys and feeds the Meadowlands. A number of towns have grown along the Gwynedd, collectively called the Rivertowns.
Haiarn – An iron hag, she served as Maiden in the coven that included Trilleste and Gwyddwen.
Harvel Hardek – A dwarf, Hardek and his wife Ilga came to Laston twelve years ago. Hardek is blind; apparently the result of some accident although he’s never revealed any details. They have no natural children, but have adopted a human son, Valeran Hardek, and was fostering a cousin, Kore Doomhand, both 12. Harvel continues to work as a blacksmith and makes high-quality goods. The Presser would have taken him if it weren’t for his blindness. (150)
Hendad – Deceased. Morwen’s grandfather, he was killed by Cidum’s soldiers after he refused to let him marry his granddaughter.
High Valleys – The innumerable valleys that run through the southern part of the Four Kings mountain range. Many of these valleys are inhospitable, but a few hold towns. Laston is the largest such town, sitting just west of the Sun King.
Ione Harborough – The town’s last healer, her husband and son were both conscripted to serve in the King’s Army. Since then Ione has struggled to keep up with the demands placed on her time, from the townsfolk and all their livestock. She’s taken Gwil as an apprentice and is teaching her the trade. (50)
Iron Hills – West of Callon, the Iron Hills are home to a number of dwarven clans.
Isfan Gwenith – A farmer. His family includes his wife, Mairwen wriec Isfan, his older son Caden, and twin children Hauli ( a son) and Glia, a daughter (12). His brother Grek is a trapper, and master to Glia. Caden was serving in the King’s Army, but died in the Battle of Two Rivers.
Joseph Warwick – A farmer and goatherd, 38, who has played host to Krehir. He has two sons in their mid-teens, both taken by the Presser last year, and a younger son, Bryant, who is nine. His eldest son lost a couple of fingers in an orc attack during the war.
Kenton Corliss – Son of the Mayor, and everyone anticipates he will be mayor one day. He’s always been a bully, quick to lord his eventual position over everyone. The fact that he was the oldest (and largest) kid left in town didn’t help any. He had a few flunkies, Gage and Brett, who did his dirty work for him when he wants to keep his hands clean. He’s become quieter ever since the events at Knight’s Tomb.(14)
Knight’s Tomb – Located in a small, uninhabited valley northwest of Laston, this old burial place is close to the Shadowfell. Until recently, it also hid a prison for a long-lost demon, but the heroes destroyed the demon and the extradimensional prison collapsed upon itself.
Laston – An idyllic town in the High Valleys, and home to our heroes. Population 300.
Lladrad – Bandit operating on the border of the Greenspire and Coluddyn baronies. Captured by the heroes and offered the choice of joining the army and being turned into the reeve for banditry (whose punishment is hanging), he and his men joined the King’s Army.
Lut Banwel – A dwarven stronghold in the High Valleys two days north of Laston, abandoned when Minrath arrived.
Marrick of Southglen – Half-elf troubadour. He travels throughout Callon, spreading information, stories, and songs.
Mayor Carson Corliss – Carson was appointed Mayor after the death of his father due to illness 14 years ago. He has a son, Kenton. It’s widely suspected (but never talked about openly) that he struck some sort of deal with the Presser to keep his son from being taken to fight in the King’s Army. (43)
Meadowbrook – Second of the Rivertowns, it grew from wheat farms. Population 1000.
Meadowlands – The sprawling farmland that makes up most of the kingdom of Callon
Millston – Third of the Rivertowns, known for its waterfalls and mills. It is ruled by arlain Dirwin Lythyn. Population 400.
Minrath, the Furnace – A red dragon who lives at Lut Banwel, two days north of Laston. The area once housed a growing dwarven settlement, but they abandoned it when Minrath settled on their mountain. She hibernated for many years while the eggs incubated, waking when the goblin started their drill and caused her eggs to hatch early. Many of the hatchlings were subsequently killed by the heroes.
Nereluth Cribstealer – A fey that steals away newborns, leaving an eladrin babe in their place. The stolen children are taken to the Feywild to be raised.
Noggin – A boggart hangman who lives north of Laston. Encountered while traveling from Auntie Elspeth’s to Lut Banwel. The boggarts attacked the group, thinking they were Roon, who had been trapping the boggarts’ food supply.
Old Jacob – When the spring thaw comes, the Gwynedd River flows swiftly, and people cannot take livestock across without danger. Like his father and his father’s father before him, Old Jacob runs a seasonal ferry business just south of Laston that provides passage for a trivial fee. Jacob subsists on the seasonal income and modest croft he maintains. (70s)
Pinecrest – Sixth of the Rivertowns, known for its lumber production. Population 350.
Presen – Hailing from Celaneddog, she lost her husband Dyn to the ghouls. She and her daughter Merch (8) now live in Laston.
Presser Luke – The Pressers are responsible for recruiting for the King’s army. They can take anyone over the age of 11. Some are conscientious about their positions and try not to take too many people from one family or town, while others have been known to openly accept bribes to keep from the wealthy from harm’s way. Presser Luke came through Laston last year and took quite a few people, but generally left the families as intact as he could have. The exception is the Mayor’s family; although Kenton was of age, the Presser chose not to take him. Smaller children fear the Pressers, because they can split up their families and steal away their loved ones.
Riglar Glaivebreaker – Deceased. The leader of a profitable dwarven mercenary clan from the Iron Hills, where Kore hails from. Succeeded by Fohke Gravemaker.
Rivertowns – A series of towns along the Gwynedd River, the Rivertowns include Farmington, Meadowbrook, Millston, Stoneroad, Bend, Pinecrest, and Laston.
Roon – Deceased. A trapper in Laston. Competed with boggarts north of Laston for furs. Killed by the heroes at the dolmen gate when they rescued the boggarts he was taking (apparently to sell as slaves).
Selu – Cousin to Presen, Selu lives in Blackfork. She hid the heroes and provided some advice when they visited the town.
Skekrad the River Troll – A troll who settled in a small river between Laston and Auntie Elspeth’s. He agreed to begin helping travelers cross the river in return for the group showing mercy after he was bested in combat. He left his home river to escape the “Underking”, who could be the Slumbering King Under the Mountain.
Skipjot – A boggart who lives east of Laston. Captured by the group while trying to “share” some of their goods as they traveled to Auntie Elspeth’s. After a stern lecture (and warning), he was allowed to go his own way. He later asked for him when his warren was being trapped and enslaved by Roon.
Slumbering King – One of the Four Kings, the Slumbering King is two weeks’ travel east from Laston.
The Slumbering King Under the Mountain – A potent being with whom Trilleste urged Morwen to form a pact.
Southglen – Largest settlement in the Black Forest. Home to Marrick.
The Stag and Hounds – The tavern in Laston.
Stoneroad – Fourth of the Rivertowns, it also leads to the Iron Hills. Population 500.
Sun King – One of the Four Kings, the Sun King is just east of Laston and shelters the valley from the worst of the winter and spring storms.
Trelgar – A city-state to the southeast, known for its seaport and its cavalry, as well as for being home to Mavron Godslayer (who defeated Kavril the Undying). Home city of Arlo Frinazi.
Trilleste – A Hag, she served as Crone in the coven that included Haiarn and Gwyddwen until she tried to replace one of the other members. She left for the Feywild. She was allied with Cidum and the Slumbering King Under the Mountain.
Trusi – Hailing from Celaneddog, he led the townsfolk through the ghoul attacks and then during the relocation to Laston.

The Feywild
Anghenfil – A displacer beast hunted down and killed by the heroes in exchange for the spriggan witch Gwrach opening a passage for them to leave the Feywild.
Barnydd – Deceased. A gnome in Mondref who had been critical of the Baroness Elespiel. His home caught fire mysteriously and no one was allowed to assist. He and his family perished in the fire.
Baron Glaswydd – Deceased. Baron of the area around Mondref before Elespiel allowed him to be killed by fomorian soldiers. His keep at Croesfordd was destroyed.
Baroness Elespiel – Eladrin ruler of Mondref. She is uncaring and manipulative. She had Valeran restored to life, in exchange for future favors from Kore and Glia. She gained power by killing the former leader of Mondref and then allowing the Baron to be killed by fomorians. She looks remarkably similar to Auntie Elspeth.
Brenin – Baroness Elespiel’s estranged husband. See Courtless.
Caber – An eladrin soldier reluctantly in the service of Baroness Elespiel. He deserted, but was forced to return when his sister Eira was threatened.
Courtless – Dispossessed ruling family of Mondref. The father, Brenin, fled with his newborn son when his wife Elespiel killed his father and seized power.
Eira – Eladrin. Sister of Caber.
The Fogborn – Spiritual advisor to Mondref
Gludd – Leader of the band of spriggans (redcaps) encountered near Mondref.
Gwrach – Witch, and member of a band of spriggans (redcaps) encountered near Mondref.
High King Galawnt – Ruler of the Feywild near Laston. At war with the fomorian king Monoch.
Lady Ivy – Wilden. Healer for the Baroness Elespiel, she restored Valeran’s body after he was killed by an owlbear.
Mondref – Feywild counterpart to Laston.
Monoch – Fomorian king. He has captured lands to the east of Mondref.
Nib – A boggart in the Feywild, rescued by our heroes from the hunter Rook.
Rook – A satyr hunter in the employ of the Baroness Elespiel. He was resting at the dolmen gate in the Feywild with his captive boggarts when the heroes suddenly appeared.

The Shadowfell
Corvus, the Raven King – Ruthless ruler of Tywyll, he is known for hanging and burning the families of those who oppose him. He sentenced Bane to slavery when he was found wandering the Shadowfell.
Lady Gwawr – A shadar-kai noble. Her demesnes lies in the Shadowfell, just through the Dark Mirror in Knight’s Tomb. She helped Bane escape the Shadowfell.
Lady Rouge – Hunter for Corvus, the Raven King, she was tasked with recovering Bane. Of unknown race, she has an oversized humanoid torso attached to a body not unlike a six-legged spider, with a mass of tentacles where the front two spider legs should be.
Llymanta – Shadar-kai witch sent to retrieve Bane for the Lady Rouge, she was captured by the heroes and is currently staying in Laston along with her henchman Yspar.
Tywyll – Shadowfell counterpart to Laston. Ruled by Corvus, the Raven King.
Yspar – Shadar-kai glaivebearer in the service to Llymanta, he is now staying in Laston.

Dramatis Personae

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