House Rules


Powers with the Implement keyword require you to wield an implement, and you must be proficient with it. You can use any implement in which you are trained with any of your Implement powers.


Powers with the Weapon keyword require you to wield an weapon you are proficient with, so improvised weapons and unarmed attacks are less effective.

Magic Items

Permanent magic items are much less common in this setting. Instead, you will gain inherent bonuses to your attacks and defenses. There are three categories for Inherent bonuses – Attack rolls, Armor Class defense, and Non-AC defenses (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will).
When you gain an Inherent bonus as a reward, you may apply it to any of these three categories, limited by your level. At level 1, the maximum Inherent bonus for any one category is +1. At level 2, the maximum increases to +2. At level 7, it increases to +3.
Your Inherent attack bonus applies to all types of attacks – Weapon, Implement, unarmed, improvised, and even combat maneuvers like Bull Rush. On a critical hit, you deal extra damage equal to 1d6 per point of Inherent attack bonus. Attacks that have an attack bonus based on your level and don’t use weapons or implements (such as a dragonborn’s breath) will use your Inherent attack bonus instead. Items that grant you attacks with a fixed attack bonus (such as alchemical items) work as written.
Once your Inherent AC bonus becomes +2, any heavy armor you wear automatically counts as masterwork. Once this bonus becomes +3, any light armor you wear counts as masterwork (this is when masterwork light armor first appears). You may choose any one masterwork type for which your armor qualifies and can retrain that choice when gaining a level.
You can receive boons that provide the powers or properties normally provided by magical items. Your Inherent bonuses determines the maximum level of boon you can receive. The limit is 5 * Inherent bonus, so if your Inherent bonus on attack rolls is +1 you can learn any magic weapon or implement boon of level 5 or less. When your Inherent attack bonus increases to +2 your boon automatically improves to the next higher version, of level 10 or less.

House Rules

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