Welcome to Laston

Your Home

“We all live in the small town of Laston, set in the High Valleys in the mountain range known as the Four Kings. The Gwynedd River and numerous springs and crisscross the valley. The peak to our East, called the Sun King, keeps at bay the clouds that shroud most of the mountain range. Winter is cold and snowy but brief; Spring and Fall seem to last forever in the valley and make for a long growing season for our plentiful crops. Laston is part of the Greenspire barony. The Baron owes fealty to the kingdom of Callon, which is ruled by King Gerrard. We don’t see much of them, though; there’s just not a lot of trouble up here.”

  • Calydd Cenn, town elder

Other Races

“Most of the families here in Laston are human, but there’s a smattering of other races present as well. A few elves and halfling families live here. So how did a blind dwarven smith get here? That’s a story for another time. But as long as you have a strong back to work the fields, or some skill that lets you help out the town, people in Laston welcome you into their home.”

  • Harvel Hardek, town smith

Other Worlds

“So high in the mountains, the air is thin. But the barriers between our world and other worlds are thinner up here, too. Strange beasts wander out of the Feywild every now and then. Every few generations Nerelith Cribstealer sneaks out of the Feywild and steals away a child of Laston, leaving one of the changeling-folk in their place. The parents usually give the strange child over to another family, but sometimes they raise the Eladrin as their own anyway. You’ll get to know the Boggarts pretty quickly, too. They’re goblins, but touched by the Fey. They’re more mischief than malice, unlike their cousins from the South.
“There are some darker things around, though, too. There’s a tiny valley not far away, called Knight’s Tomb after its only landmark. Sinister things come out of there sometimes, especially when the moon is hiding. Stay away from there, child.”

  • Dawn Villistre, town elder

The War

“Last Spring, just as the snow melted, word came of trouble. An orc warband had attacked some small towns in the Meadowlands. The King’s men chased them off, but it turns out the orc warband had lots of company. They say it’s the largest gathering of orcs in generations, maybe ever. King Gerrard called for troops, and eventually Presser Luke showed up here in Laston. I tried to convince him not to take too many away, since we’re such a small village, but he can take anyone twelve and older, excepting a precious few Laston can’t do without. All told, sixty-four men and women of Laston went off to fight beside the King.
“Last year was hard for everyone in town. Sowing the fields, tending the crops, and bringing in the harvest were backbreaking work with so many of the able-bodied gone. But we’re a resilient folk. We were all looking forward to our loved ones coming home in the Fall, and it was a shock when we found out they weren’t going to be able to come home yet, but I’m confident that we’ll be hearing word soon that this whole mess is over and our friends and families will be coming home to us.”

  • Mayor Corliss at the Endwinter Festival, accompanied by his son Kenton, 14


    “There are many Gods, and we owe them many thanks. From Auroleas Skybearer, who first separated the Sky from the Earth so the Sun would not burn us, to Ajonial Grainmaker, who taught us how to till the land, the Gods have shepherded us since time was first writ.
    “Not all here in Laston share the exact same beliefs, of course. While most elven families favor Fineal Walks-the-Woods, for instance, some worship primal nature spirits. But they are nevertheless our cousins, and they will come to love our Gods in time.”
  • Brother Simon, as usual, tending his still


You are eleven or twelve years old. Last year you would have been too young to be conscripted by the Presser, but you’re old enough to have been apprenticed to someone in Laston and to have learned a few things. Tell me about your character:

  • What’s your name?
  • What race are you?
  • What trade are you learning? What class are you?
  • Who is your immediate family? Who has gone to fight alongside the King? Have you gotten any word from them?
  • What ideas or themes interest you?
  • Introduction

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