Notes from the DM


We will be using the latest errata and generally keeping up with errata as we go along. If there’s a particular erratum that you dislike, talk to me about it. Mostly likely we can use the original version if it’s not troublesome or disruptive. If someone wants the original 4e Magic Missile, for example, that’s perfectly fine.

Magic Item Creation

There aren’t a lot of permanent magic items in this setting; boons replace most such items. As such, the Enchant Magic Item ritual and its ilk aren’t available. The Brew Potion ritual is available, as is the Alchemist feat. If there is a particular magic item effect you’re interested in, please let me know and I’ll try to provide access to comparable boons.

DM Style

I want to encourage creative thinking. Want to try something outlandish? Describe what you want to accomplish, and recommend a skill that might govern that type of action. Got an cool story idea? Suggest it. I have ideas, but the actions and decisions of the characters will ultimately determine the direction the campaign goes.
Social encounters will sometimes involve skill challenges. I may or may not point out when a skill challenge starts. Clever ideas and good role-playing can contribute free successes towards skill challenges. Want to use a skill I didn’t suggest? Explain how your character uses that skill to better their situation.

Notes from the DM

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