Thalosian Pantheon

The Thalosian gods overthrew the Primordials who ruled the world in its infancy. They’re widely worshiped throughout the continent, although different groups depict the gods very differently. This is a pantheistic religion; you believe in all the gods and observe the holy days of each even if you favor one in particular.

The Church during the Second Empire

There was once a single, organized Thalosian Church that ruled the Second Empire. The leader of the Church was called the Hierarch. That Church stretched across most of the continent, but after the fall of the Second Empire the Church splintered and there has been no Hierarch since. Although most of the remaining individual churches still share compatible beliefs, they lack regular contact.

The Church in Callon Today

The Thalosian Church in this part of the continent spans more than one kingdom. The Church maintains some of the infrastructure that was developed during the Second Empire. A highest position in the Church is the Cardinal, who is elected from among the Bishops. The Bishop in turn assigns priests to individual parishes within his diocese, such as Laston. Both males and females may serve in the Church, and marriage is allowed among members of the clergy.

Recognizing Divine Characters

One cannot dispute the wishes of the divine when manifested through their chosen servants. As such, the Church recognizes the divine authority granted by the Gods to all their servants, even when those servants aren’t members of the Church hierarchy. Clerics, Paladins, Invokers, and other Divine classes are accorded professional courtesy by the Church and treated respectfully as a rule. Conflict does sometimes arise when an itinerant cleric teaches something that conflicts with the Church’s teachings, but thankfully such conflicts are rare.

The Church in Laston Today

Being a very small town, Laston has a single priest assigned to it. For almost 30 years that was Father Togbern, but three years ago his health took a turn for the worse and the young Brother Simon was sent to assist. A year later, Father Togbern passed away due to old age. Simon has been serving as the village priest since then.

PC Information

Because the Thalosian religion is pantheistic, you are free to take any domain feat that is associated with any of the gods in the pantheon. For example, a cleric may entreat Ellirisa, Mother of All, for the Power of Creation feat while they pray to Jakariel the Claimer for the Power of Death feat.

Name Alignment Domains
Ajonial Grainmaker Good Earth
Auroleas Skybearer Good Protection, Skill, Strength, Sun
Ellianis Starspeaker Unaligned Arcana, Darkness, Moon
Ellirisa Mother-of-All Unaligned Creation, Fate, Knowledge
Fineal Walks-the-Woods Unaligned Earth, Wilderness
Hakren the Judge Unaligned Justice
Jakariel the Claimer Unaligned Death
Kalidril Sorrow-Maker Unaligned Vengeance, War
Lira Far-Walker Good Change, Freedom, Luck
Lotan Fire-Bringer Unaligned Change, Luck, Trickery
Safira Woundslayer Good Hope, Life
Tabor Steadfast Lawful Good Protection, War
Teleanor Stormsire Unaligned Sea, Storm
Villentius Songmaster Good Luck, Love
Views on other Faiths

Primal Spirits – Generally viewed positively, particularly by those who favor Fineal Walks-the-Woods, but some followers feel that worship of the primal spirits is too close to worship of the Primordials.
Primordials – Actively disliked, and considered an enemy of the Church.

Family Tree
Description of the Thalosian Gods

Thalosian Pantheon

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