Cassian’s Trial

Cassian steps onto the arena, boldly waving his weapon high above his head in salute to his liege lords assembled at the edge of the circle – Cidum, Baron Coluddyn, and King Gerrard.
Morwen unassumingly enters from her side, her body almost imperceptibly trembling.
Those who notice figure it must be fear, surely she is outmatched yet those who know her realize it is a rage barely contained that causes her to appear to be slightly shivering.
As the combatants move towards the center, their eyes meet.
The icy cold stare the knight remembered from their last encounter is a mere shadow of what he is now subject to as Morwen locks her gaze upon him and stares into his soul (Intimidate: roll of 13 + 17 = 30).
He pauses in his step, this girl is not calm but the lack of calm is not fear, it is the hunter’s anticipation of a coming kill – she sees him as nothing more than prey.
As the knight pauses, Morwen has reached the center. Another pause and Morwen unleashes an Eldritch Bolt – a wide miss, clearly intended to focus attention. “Well, are you going to stand there all day? Do I have to kill you from a distance?”
Enraged by the taunt, the knight charges across the field, quickly closing the distance then bringing his sword down onto Morwen, but his swing goes wide.
Morwen side steps and parries, deflecting the blow to the ground as she lashes out with the fury of a winter storm unleashed then disappears, only to instantly reappear behind the knight [Winter’s Retributive Escape – Immediate Reaction, target takes 10 cold & psychic damage; Morwen teleports up to 3 squares].
Using the storm she has called, Morwen builds it up into a vicious, icy wind that scythes through the knight, then wraps itself around her as a protective shell [Armor of Winter’s Grasp – close burst 1, inflicts 19 (2d6+12) cold damage & target is slowed, save ends; Morwen gains +2 AC & Fortitude until end of encounter; total damage dealt so far is 29 points].
Morwen then gives the knight a cold, penetrating smile as she becomes shadow and slips away from the knight [Walk Through Darkness – shifts away 7 squares; i.e. 7 squares between Morwen and the knight].
Limbs stiff from the bitter frost of her attack, the knight can only move towards Morwen as even running leaves her too far away for him to charge. The cold settles in his limbs as he fails his save to negate being slowed.

Morwen steps forward and pierces the knight’s defenses, dealing a viciously brutal blow to the knight which cloaks her from his sight [Piercing Shard – Critical Hit! Does 39 cold & psychic damage (max of 2d10+12 plus 2d6) and Morwen is invisible to target until start of her next turn; total damage dealt so far is 68 points].
Morwen is laughing as she fades from his sight but there is no warmth in her voice, only the cold of a winter’s grave.
Cassian flails about with his longsword twice. The first swing misses, but the second finds Morwen’s left arm to open a wound as she takes 16 damage. Invigorated by his success, Cassian shakes off the lingering effects of the frost that numbed his limbs.
At the start of her turn Morwen reappears to the knight.
He growls “Enough of your witchery!”
“Not quite yet,” she coldly replies as she again pierces his defenses and tears through his mind [Piercing Shard – inflicts 23 (2d10+12) cold damage and Morwen is invisible to target until start of her next turn; total damage dealt so far is 91 points. That winter laugh comes again as she fades from his sight.
The knight flails about with his blade, again unable to see his opponent. This time both swings fail to find their target. He backs away, unsure what exactly he is up against. This isn’t the weak girl he abused months ago. Signs of fear show in his face, but he quickly covers steels himself and waits for his vision to clear.

Morwen reappears to the knight this time, no laugh, no comment, with nothing more than a fierce, penetrating gaze, Morwen sends a blast of freezing wind and razor sharp ice to rip through the knight, tossed about at her whim, he lands prone at her feet [Roaring Storm of Cania – blast 5, inflicts 21 points of cold damage (2d8+12), knocks the target prone, slides the target up to 3 squares; total damage dealt so far is 112 points].

Prone, bloodied, Cassian looks up at the barely-injured Morwen as she bends over him, her sword at the ready.
Instead of the physical blow he was expecting, her cold gaze stares into the depths of his mind and makes him question himself. [Boon Power – Minor Action, target incurs a –2 penalty to attack rolls; mostly just for effect but may also provide circumstance bonus for what’s next].
“Wha-wha-what are you doing?” the barely coherent knight stammers.
Unable to divert his gaze as she stares into his eyes, looking beyond the physical into is very being, she firmly commands, though quietly enough that only his ears can hear her words …
“As I said at the trial, it is I that will judge you. It is not Jakariel you will see today – your fate today resides with me, it is for me alone to decide. And I find you wanting and declare that your soul is forfeit to me. All that you were, all that you are, all that you could ever have been is now mine to do with as I so choose.”
At her slight pause his eyes – still locked on her, unable to look away – widen in terror.
Gazing even deeper into his very being, she continues:
“Confess your crimes against me to all those present, name all your accomplices, name those who commanded you or I shall reap your soul and destroy it FOREVER.” [Move Action as Minor Action – Beguiling Tongue: +5 to next Intimidate check then Action Point – make Intimidate check to “get a target to reveal secrets against its will”; die roll of 18 +17 +5 = 40].

Even with the his liege and his liege’s liege looking on, the effect of this girl who-is-not-a-girl is more than his mind can fathom let alone resist and in a cracking voice, he says, “Please no. Don’t, don’t take my soul. I’ll confess. Everything. I did it. I, I raped you. And the other soldiers did too. My lord Cidum, he, he told us to teach you a lesson in respect. He was there. He saw it all happen. Please, please don’t destroy my soul.”


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