• Bane


    A gaunt, pale skinned human looking adolencent, perhaps 12 years old.
  • Beld Bearhand

    Beld Bearhand

    Dwarven Shaman
  • Glia filia Isfan

    Glia filia Isfan

    A halfing girl, apprenticed to her uncle, a trapper
  • Gwiluialsfa Euloeth

    Gwiluialsfa Euloeth

    An elven cleric/invoker
  • Kore Doomhand

    Kore Doomhand

    A young dwarf, arrived in Laston from the Iron Hills; now adorned in a theme of Black and Crimson, his armour is arrayed (mostly at the joints) with Vicious Spikes
  • Krehir S'tok

    Krehir S'tok

    Goliath Warden, a member of the S'tok tribe and a recent arrival in Laston
  • Morwen


    Fey, Distant, Enigmatic; Can be Very Warm but Routinely Waxes Cold & Colder; her Deep Green, Penetrating, Fathomless Eyes stare into Your Soul; Light, Slightly Wavy Hair always falls in a 'casually, perfectly-fetchingly’ manner; Timeless before Her Time
  • Throck


    Heavily muscled and freakishly athletic, this half-orc wields a massive axe that has a curiously sharp spear point where the pommel should be.
  • Valeran Hardek

    Valeran Hardek

    A human swordmage, a foundling raised by the dwarven blacksmith Harvel Hardek