How The World Came To Be

In the beginning of time there was the Elemental Chaos, a roiling tempest of energy and matter, and the Astral Sea, an infinite expanse of dream. The Primordials, born of equal parts chaos and dream, were the first to stir. Nadreth, the Great Serpent, coiled upon herself, forming the mortal world. Her brother Mornos formed the ceaseless ocean tides. Marwgoel created the Enaidfynon, the Fountain of Souls, a bright place where the spirits of the mortal races are forged. Gwenowyn formed the Moon, as well as the Feywild, the verdant twin to the Mortal World. Lughaid, most powerful among them, formed the Sun, binding part of the Elemental Chaos into the sky. With its power he forced the Primordials and the mortal races alike to all bow before him. Adenedd, ruler of the winds, was his herald and spread his commandments throughout creation. Lughaid’s rule appeared eternal, for even when killed Adenedd would carry his soul back to Marwgoel for him to be born anew.

Ellirisa was born of the union of a mortal and a Primordial, although the tales of her birth claim different Primordials parentage. She gave birth on the island of Thalos to three sons – Auroleas, Teleanor, and Jakariel. These three plotted the overthrow of Lughaid and the Primordials, a struggle that would become known as the Dawn War.

First, Jakariel ventured to the home of Marwgoel, near Enaidfynon, and confronted him there. A great battle raged, but in the end Marwgoel was slain and his foul soul bound into that place, changing the land around Enaidfynon from the bright realm it had been into the dark Shadowfell it is today. Jakariel remained there, taking on the role of shepherd to those souls traveling through this shadowy place during birth or death. Meanwhile, Teleanor chased down Adenedd, finally forcing him into a magical jar and then drowning him. Finally, Auroleas confronted Lughaid himself, who reached for his weapon the Sun to strike down this usurper. But Auroleas raised up the sky, preventing Lughaid from reaching his mighty orb, claimed the golden orb’s power for himself, and slew Lughaid.

The Primordials fought back against these new Gods, and many fell. Mornos, the Dark Sea, was killed by Teleanor. Rokiel Battle-weaver, greatest general of the Primordials, was tricked by Jakariel’s son Lotan into taking on a mortal shape and found himself bound forever into that form, his intellect and expertise forever lost to him. Avren, son of Teleanor, bolstered the barriers between the mortal world and the other worlds the Primordials had birthed, locking many of the Primordials away for eternity.

Finally, the Gods sought out Nadreth, the Great Serpent, and threatened to slay her. She pleaded with them not to, claiming her death-throes would destroy the mortal world. Instead, she proposed she would enter an eternal slumber, and the Gods’ rule would be absolute until she woke from that endless sleep. The Gods agreed. Seeing no other option, the remaining few Primordials withdrew from the mortal world, ending the Dawn War, and granting the Gods sole rulership over creation.

How The World Came To Be

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